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Revisited: The Complete Guide to Selling Timber

5 years ago, we posted a 4 part series titled “The Complete Guide to Selling Timber.” The guide walked landowners and prospective timber sellers through the ins and outs of selling timber, in hopes that we could shed light on the process and some of the finer points. The guide covered important topics in depth, such as:

  • Finding reliable forestry professionals
  • What to look for during a timber sale
  • How to speak and understand timber industry jargon
  • How to get the most value for your timber thinning or timber harvest
  • And more…

The guide ended up being one of our more popular blog posts and as the timber industry continues to rebound from 2008 lows we feel that it’s as relevant as ever. So for our newer visitors, or users who just want to brush up, here are all 4 parts of our “Complete Guide to Selling Timber:”

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