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The Complete Guide to Selling Timber – Part I


In order to maximize the value of your timber and harvest responsibly, you need a trustworthy independent forestry consultant and you need at least 25 acres of land with trees. Timberland investments are often more valuable than a house, and typically have generational implications, so you want to make wise choices regarding your land. We understand that the process of selling your standing timber can be hectic and intimidating. Before you begin, here are a few things you should know.

What is my timber worth?

The short answer is this: it’s hard to tell. This is a common first question from timberland owners when they consider selling  timber. Knowing the acreage of timberland isn’t enough.

Expertise is required to determine the exact value of your timber. There are a number of factors to be considered, including but not limited to:

  • market prices

  • type of timber

  • quality of the timber

  • density of the stand

  • land accessibility

How do I get an expert’s estimate on the value of my standing timber?

You should contact a registered forester. This is one of those things you don’t want to do yourself. If your overconfident uncle insists he can give you an estimate, then humor him by hearing his opinion, but don’t take it to the bank. More than when selling a house, professional, unbiased advice is a precious necessity when selling timber.

Unfortunately, there are some people claiming to be professionals who would try to swindle you out of the full value of your timber. We’ve heard too many stories of landowners being defrauded by a nice stranger with all the right language. One victim, a grandmother from south Georgia, was cheated out of $18,000 almost overnight. That’s a grandchild’s tuition, a new car, or a down payment on a new home! The moral: don’t let a friendly smile and a crisp shirt convince you of a person’s moral uprightness.

Also, don’t rush too quickly into learning the monetary value of your timber. Learn from Pickett’s charge at Gettysburg, and don’t expose yourself to those positioned to take advantage of your haste.

Allow the psychological payoff for all your hard investigatory work to be finding the right professional. They will maximize your timber’s value, improve the quality of your land, and begin a long-term working relationship with you, much like with a doctor or veterinarian.

Who can I trust to harvest my standing timber?

You can trust independent forestry contractors, but do your homework. It’s important to learn about a company’s reputation before committing to them the care of a large family investment. Check out their website if they have one, but if not, feel free to ask them for a list of references or past customers.

Timber Update is dedicated to ensuring that timberland owners get the most value out of their timber, therefore we network with reputable professionals across the industry. Be sure to search our list of contractors in your area to find the right one for you.

Independent forestry consultants are individually licensed foresters who combine expertise in timber management with market maneuverability. Or, to think about it another way, independent forestry consultants are like architects when building a home. They have the training and experience needed to get the job done well, and they also coordinate with several contractors, acting as managers of a large project (your timber sale).


Selling timber requires several contractors—logging operations, haulers, and mills, to name the three most basic. Independent forestry consultants often have a wide network of contractors in order to custom-tailor service for each landowner. And if a specific contractor isn’t working up to par, an independent consultant is free to make a quick decision in finding a better one.

Because an independent consultant’s loyalty is wholly given to the landowner, they often spend quality time learning and developing your family’s goals for the land. As well, independent forestry consultants are well prepared to address all the challenges a timber harvest might face.

Okay, so I’ll find the right independent forestry consultant. Then what?

Actually, finding the right consultant is all you have to do, for now. Set up a meeting with a forestry consultant by clicking below, and they will lead you through the entire harvest.

Stay tuned to our blog. In the coming weeks, we’ll meet with real timberland owners, forestry consultants, and other industry professionals to give you an inside view of the processes involved in harvesting timber.

Until then, keep growing.

Matthew Noxsel, Editor

Timber Update

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  1. I have 500acres in howard,taylor county Georgia that I would like thinned. almost 90% loblollys about 20 years old. contact tony at xxx-xxx-5524.

  2. I have 20 ac. And want to clear off half. It has nothing but hardwoods. If you could help me with the process that would be great. Thanks

  3. I have a14 acres of land I’ve been o
    ffered $12.50 per ton chip and saw. $10.00 per ton of plywood.
    $8.00 per ton of hardwood. I don’t know where to begin.

  4. Hello, I own an old farmhouse in average condition with 279 acres that is currently on the market for sale. Here is my question…would selectively timbering the property ruin the value and marketability af the property temporarily? One realtor told us it is not a good idea to timber while your home is on the market, however, another said it would be fine. Although I understand that large wooded parcels need to be selectively timbered every so often to keep the forest healthy, I can’t help but think that it may look unsightly for a period of time (until the timbered areas recover). Any advice you could provide would be appreciated.

    1. Hey Dawn, without seeing the timberland it can be hard to tell. If you email me: taylor at timberupdate dot com, I can connect you with a forester.

  5. I have a client coming to my office to list her 12.83 acres of acreage in Taylor County ,GA.I need help determining a sale price.Client states trees are ready to harvest.
    Please call me ASAP if possible @ xxx-xxx-xxxx.
    Paul Tommey
    RE/MAX-Executive Group
    Licenses Agent GA & AL
    Accreditations: ABR,SRS,GRI,Military Relocation Professional

  6. Thanks for the info we only have 4.5 aches we will take your advice..Thanks ps.Follow up

  7. I have approx 20 acres of timber in Floyd County Ky. I was hoping to get advice on how to get it priced and assessed in order to sell. Please advise/

    1. Hey Daril,

      We mostly operate in the Southeast around Georgia and aren’t familiar with the markets in Kentucky. If you have a Forestry Association in your area, I would suggest contacting them.

  8. I have 120 ac Madison county FL. I was offered ppw 13.00 cns 18.00 saw log 25.00 hard wood 4.00 I think the price is low.

  9. I have 88 acres of mostly mature pine with some oak also. It is located in Montgomery Alabama near the airport. Property has good access for logging. Need to get a cruise and someone to cut it.

  10. I have 39.5 acres of land I want harvested in Mississippi, my future plans for the property is to develop homes.

  11. We have 138 acres in Little Rock, Arkansas, and except for about 15 acres of pasture and an 18-acre lake, it is hardwoods and some pine. We would like to have it selectively cut to maintain its woodland beauty. How should we go about this? Or do you know of someone who does this type appraising and logging?
    Thank You, Anne

  12. Hello I have approximately 7.5 acres located in North Henry County, Georgia. I want to speak to a licensed forester about thinning to sell.
    Please contact me


  13. I have 5 acres of white pine. Each tree is over 3 feet diameter. It is easily accessible and I’m looking to clear enough land to put a cabin in next year. OK with other trees falling during clearing but must be completed before new year. Interested? In Blairsville Ga. Please contact me. Tom

  14. I have 56 acres of mostly Southern Pine in Attala county, MS. It was last cut and replanted 25-30 years ago. Please help me locate a Forestry Consultant, who can advise me on the value of this timber. I am at a crossroads of cutting timber or outright sale.

  15. I have a proximately 30 acres of timber land makes Pines and hardwood I’d like to see about clear cutting

  16. 139 acres of pine planted 27-30 yrs. ago that needs clear cutting. Fayette Co. Alabama. Need advice and help on marketing.

  17. My brother and sister have 26 acre of land and we would like for a forestry consultant to come to talk to us about having the timber cut.

  18. I’ would like to harvest hardwoods on my property in Duck Springs Alabama . ‘m looking for a logger who may be interested in the ten acres I have available. Please call S Stevens thank you

  19. hi my names is Ron, I
    I have 40 ac, of trees that have pine and great timber ,that’s been on the land for over 70 years ,of growing. can you have someone contact me

  20. I have a few hundred acres of timber. Needing help with locating someone to thin my pine timber. Some other plots may have good chip and saw timber also, just wondering what those prices are like. Thanks

  21. I have 20 acres in Montgomery County, Texas (MCAD Property #: R47212) with fifty years of growth of a variety of trees and brush. I’d like to sell timber and clean up the property.

  22. Hello my sister and I own 55.8 acres that we would like to sell timber from. We would like help with this process.

  23. We are in Hood County, Texas. We have cedar and juniper on about 20 acres that needs to be cut and removed. Do you have connection for that?

  24. I purchased my home on 68 wooded acres in Laurence County, SC 9 months ago. I would like to clear cut 30-35 acres since I want to turn that into pastures for Livestock and possibly thin the rest. It’s mixed pulp, pine, and hardwood and don’t really know how to sell or who to sell the timber to.

  25. Roughly 35 acres in Georgetown SC would like it thinned out of this is possible can we talk options please.

  26. I have 60 acres of loblolly pines in Jarratt Va. that are 25yrs old and I’m looking to have it thinned. I was offered $7.00 PPW and $14.50 CNS. Looking for advice on the sale of timber for thinning.

  27. I have a little over 200 acres in Alabama bucks and axis about E 45 miles out of mobile. Planning to do a partial cut need pricing. Types of lumber, pine pulpwood, Pinetops, chip, and saw, pine logs, camper, polls, hardwood plywood, oak logs, Scotch ply, logs,