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In The Beginning

Timber Update was started in Georgia by a father and son who continued the trend of innovation that the timber industry was founded upon. They wanted to bring timber companies and landowners together in a new way. And they wanted to use a website that was nice to look at and easy to use.

Jim Griffith, Forester | Principle Timber Co.

Today we’re continuing to build software that helps timber companies and landowners

Since then, the father and son duo have built additional apps that track the timber process and help remove all the unnecessary headaches. Our offices are still small and our desks might as well be in the woods, but we continue to hold onto the spirit of trailblazing and innovation the timber industry was built on.

Timber Update brings timber companies and landowners closer together

Timber Update is a timber company marketing platform. It's designed for timber companies that want to create relationships with landowners that are more meaningful, personal and productive. We start by helping timber companies market themselves online and then mature with proactive engagement.

Hard At Work? Try Something Easy.

To us, something works well when design and function are used together in solving problems. The timber industry is used to pioneering new paths in old forests. We're continuing down these paths, holding tight to a spirit of innovation and developing new solutions for landowners and timber companies alike. A wise man once said, "Work smarter not harder," and we know timber companies already work hard. It's time to work smart.

Are you a timber company and looking for software solutions that make your life easier? Let us know how we can help.