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If you live in Cullman County, Alabama and have over 75 acres of timber...

Maximize your timber investment!

Cullman County, Alabama Timber Prices

Alabama Landowners, Did You Know?

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The timber industry in your area:

  • Generates over $21 billion in timber production and processing revenue
  • Provides over 122,000 jobs in timber production and processing
  • Consists of more than 23 million acres of timberland, accounting for 69% of the total land area in the state
  • Has the third most timberland acreage in the 48 contiguous states, behind only Georgia and Oregon

Your Personal Forester for Cullman County, Alabama

There are many moving parts in the timber biz and we act as project managers for you the landowner, while maximizing the value of your timber investment.

Establish your goals

It’s difficult to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. We ask the right questions to guide you down a business path we walk daily.

Find timber buyers

Even if you know what your timber is worth, it can be difficult to find someone willing to pay you. So, we give your timber access to our network of buyers.

Hire logging companies

Once you accept a bid on your timber, the operational work begins. We find the right company for your job and make sure they know exactly what you expect.

Contract truckers

The timber industry has a vast network of logging truckers that are inaccessible to the public. Our contract truckers make sure your logs arrive to the mill safely!

Draft contracts

Knowing what you want is one thing. Making those wants binding is another. We make sure your contracts are as solid as the timber you’re harvesting.

Detailed rep

Every time a load of logs is delivered to the mill, you get paid. We keep track of all the moving parts and make sure you’re kept in the loop.

Case Study #1

A landowner in Cullman County, Alabama recently came to us to help him sell his timber, but he also wanted to replant seedlings.

So, we helped him convert his mature stand of timber into acres of pine seedlings and leveraged the additional income from the timber sale to purchase adjoining property.

Think about that…

  • We sold his timber.
  • We replanted his seedlings.
  • We helped him purchase adjoining property.
  • And he still had money in the bank.

That’s some serious ROI.

How did we do it?

We exponentially increased the return on his investment through a relatively unknown vehicle:

The 1031 Tax Free Exchange.

The landowner benefited far more than he ever would have been able to on his own, by using a forester familiar with the industry and production value of the land.

Continue Growing Your Investment

After you’ve cashed in on your timber investment, we can ensure that you continue reaping the reward from your land for years to come with our other services.

Prescribed Burning

Site Prep & Planting

Pine Seedling Selection

Timber Management

Commercial Thinning

Case Study #2

Ms. Betty enjoyed periodically driving three hours to her land from the highway, because it held a lot of sentimental value.

She loved seeing the trees as she drove by and owned some 300 acres of timber, a lot more than she could see from the road.

So, we helped her:

  • Create a harvest plan
  • Leave a buffer of trees along the highway
  • Harvest timber within the buffer

Her view along the highway was maintained, while providing a much needed nest egg.

Masters of the Niche Market

Timber land sales in Cullman County, Alabama is a market that requires specialized real estate agents. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, we handle it for you.

Most people don’t realize that timber land has dirt value and timber value, so they often miss out on huge pontential earnings.

Your average real estate agent might not be the best fit to sell timber land. They don’t have the training or experience of a forester who can tell you exactly what your timber is worth.

Thinking about selling your land? Let us know.

Landowner Checklist

  • I own over 50 acres of timber in Cullman County, Alabama
  • I want a project manager to control buyers, loggers, truckers, contracts, etc.
  • I’d feel better if an expert was helping me
  • I want to maximize the return on my timber