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Upgrading the Timber Industry: The Landowner

So you own trees and you’re ready to cash in on your investment–now what?

The timber industry does things the old fashioned way, with handshakes and yellow book listings and advice from your great uncle Willis.

But sometimes Willis passes on before he remembers to give you the name of his logger. And sometimes the guy from the yellow book listing pulls up with a baseball-size wad of tobacco in his jaw and a softball-size hole in his shirt after not calling you back for three weeks. Shake his hand?

You need a reliable way to find a forester, logger or timber company.

Hello reliability. Hello Timber Update.

Timber Update is upgrading the Timber Industry. We connect timberland owners with foresters, loggers and timber companies.

We’ve amassed a network of timber professionals around the southeast who are trustworthy and have proven track records of success. To even be a part of our network, foresters must meet our standards of quality and professionalism.

Because your trees are valuable and so is your time, you shouldn’t have to spend weeks (and headaches!) searching for the right person to manage your land.

Making timber management easy.

Harvesting timber is about way more than making money. It’s about leaving a legacy to the next generation; it’s about stewarding the plot of land you’ve been given to enjoy it now and later.

If you’re a hunter, timber management improves the amount of wildlife on your land.

If you’re a parent, timber management could mean paying for your child’s college education, or helping them buy their first house.

So you need to have a plan–not just a person to cut your trees.  You also need to have the right amount of land–about 50+ acres.

At Timber Update, we call it the Good Stewardship System. In the same way you’d sit with a financial planner and decide how to invest your retirement, a Professional Forester can guide you through many decisions about how you want your land to be managed by considering many elements: your financial goals, your family’s hobbies, and the land’s biodiversity.

Join the movement.

Timber Update is changing the way things work in the timber industry. And it’s about time.

Happy Holidays!


Matthew Noxsel

Editor, Timber Update

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  1. What speciality would I ask a realtor to have when listing timberland for sale? They all want to list it but I think they need to specialize in acreage with timber. I just don’t know what to ask.

  2. As someone that is interested in investing in timberlands what questions do I need to ask myself/sellers so that I am making the right decisions. Is it worth getting a forester involved in the pregame deal? Looking for help in making/asking the correct questions?