Timber Exports to India Expected to Triple by 2021

Over the next decade, India is expected to become the world’s next substantial wood fiber import market (second only to China). Due to the scarcity of domestic timber resources, log imports in India have doubled since 2006 in order to meet the country’s growing appetite for wood products.

In particular, India is likely to remain, primarily, a log import market. We forecast a tripling in demand for softwood log imports by 2021 and more than a doubling of demand for teak log imports.

These are just a few of the findings from our most recent study, 2013 India’s Forest Products Industry. The study provides a comprehensive overview of the sector, and forecasts future imports of logs, wood products, and pulp and paper to help you better understand how India’s forest product market will develop over time.


Included in 2013 India’s Forest Products Industry:

  • 10-year historical data on imports of softwood and hardwood logs, softwood and hardwood lumber, wood panels, wood furniture, pulp, recovered fiber, printing & writing paper, newsprint, tissue, containerboard and boxboard
  • Details on overseas sources of key forest products for India
  • Constraints on timber availability
  • Profile of plantation forestry development in India
  • Analysis of India’s infrastructure limitations, and developments in ports, roads and energy production
  • Comparison of India and China’s forest resources, energy and demographic trends and trade in forest products
  • Profile and analysis of India’s forest products industry and market trends, including major companies
  • Forecast of India’s wood fiber deficit to 2021, including forecast of imports of logs (softwood, teak and other hardwood), lumber (softwood and hardwood), wood panels and pulp and paper


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