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Selling Land with Timber Value

If you’re selling land with timber, then you want a specialized real estate professional on the job.  A successful residential or commercial real estate agent simply doesn’t know the ins and outs of land and timber.  Honestly, how can they?  They spend much of their time evaluating the housing markets in their area and simply do not have time to be concerned with much else.  At least that’s the case if they’re good.  If you want to know the true value of your land or timber property, you want a connection with a real estate professional that’s not only specialized, but experienced to boot.

Depending on what type of land you own, timber can have a big effect on its overall value and how you go about selling land.  Whether your land is optimized for timber, hunting, wildlife, farming, or recreation, as a responsible landowner, you need to employ professionals who are experts at evaluating every inch of your asset.  It’s the only way to maximize the value of your land and protect yourself against needless loss.

At Timber Update we work with land sales professionals that deal in everything from small timber tracts to large acreages in the thousands.  Depending on what our landowners are selling, managing, or simply getting educated on, we connect them with the best professionals for the job.

Think about it this way, do you take your vehicle to a car salesman to get fixed?  No, you take your car to a mechanic.  And if you’re lucky enough to spend premiums on foreign made cars, your mechanic is going to be even more specialized.  In the same way, professionals in the real estate market have specific knowledge.  The more specific their knowledge, the more specialized their expertise.  By determining the specific needs of landowners, Timber Update helps those selling timber, all over the U.S., get the most value out of their land and timber property.

So, that’s the take of someone who’s grown up around the industry his entire life.  I myself am not a land expert, my knowledge lies more on the tech side of things, but there is enough information available on this site to reinforce one thing: as a landowners you should get educated about what your options are.  You don’t have to use Timber Update, but at least put some effort into finding out how to get the most out of your asset.

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