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How to Make Money from Owning Land

Owning land can feel like a heavy responsibility. But it doesn’t have to.

Smart landowners know by instinct that there are more ways to make money from their land than they are taking advantage of, but figuring out how can be difficult.

Google searches can be confusing; asking fellow land owning friends can produce conflicting advice. It begs to ask: Is there any dependable resource for learning how to make money from owning land?

Yes, there is. It’s a person called a Forester.

What’s a Forester?

Foresters are highly educated professionals who understand the ins and outs of land management. Especially when it comes to growing trees, a Forester has insight and experience that you can hardly find on the internet.

But I’ve never cut my trees, and I don’t think I want to.

That’s okay. There are many more ways to make money from owning land. Depending on the type of terrain you own and the species of animals and plants that live there, you could make money from your land a number of different ways.

Foresters know how to get the most out of your land. They could recommend that you charge people for hunting rights, or perhaps refer you to a specific governmental grant for providing a habitat for endangered species on your property.

Foresters provide many ways to make sustainable income from owning land. Only some of them have to do with cutting trees; almost all of them are lucrative.

How do I find a Forester that’s right for me?

For a long time, it hasn’t been easy. The old way of doing things was to call the State Forestry Commissioner’s office, choose from a long list of foresters, and hope the one you call fits your needs.

But things are changing. Timber Update has made it easy to find the forester perfect for you.

By gathering a network of trusted, successful foresters who provide client testimonials and professional credentials, Timber Update does all the legwork for you. Now, finding a dependable resource of information about how to make money with your land is a few clicks away.

If you interested in learning more about Timber Update, check out the article Upgrading the Timber Industry – The Landowner.

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  1. I’m writing in regards to using my slash piles by a logger that does chipping for Bio Fuel. I have 25 aches of hardwood that was cleared last year. The majority of the slash is already piled in easy road access. The slash includes material from sticks to trees that were harvested but not taken as either pulp or log.,, Can you help in connecting me with loggers interested in chipping for use in Bio Fuel.

    The property is located at

    1036 Hancock Bridge Rd
    Winder, GA 30680


  2. Have 40 acres of timber mostly cedar with a creek and ponds im looking for a way to provide habitat for endangered species on my property or any programs to make extra income with my land I am in central ark. and its in the foot hills of the Ozarks I have deer, turkey, quail,(very few quail) Butterflies, bats , and all kinds of habitat and all kinds of trees
    romance ark 72136