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We’re helping landowners get timber management advice faster by determining their needs as quickly as possible. Before you even talk to a timber professional, we’ve already started to create a timber management plan specifically tailored to your needs and wants. By streamlining the timber management process, we’re able to help you do more for less!

Once you fill out the questionnaire, it will go to our Timber Management Group who will look over your answers and give their unbiased advice. Ultimately, we won’t know everything until we’re on the ground looking at your timber, but this questionnaire helps get the ball rolling.

Take 5 minutes to fill out our questionnaire and we’ll have a better idea of how we can help.

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  1. Hi, I live in Los Angeles but I own 10 acres just north of Lake Charles Louisiana. I would like to clear it and sell the timber and not leave stumps or hurting a lot of the top soil.

  2. Hi would like to have the 5 acres of full timber completely cleared.
    What is the round amount you think this would be?
    Can I have someone to come and view it with me by June 5 2016?
    If yes, I will supply a meeting place in downtown Butler, GA. and we can go to the land together from there.(There is no direct address).
    kim pouncy