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Georgia Timber Prices 2013 – Q1


We have updated our timber prices for Quarter 3 2015.

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  1. Are the prices that I see in your chart, the prices that I should expect from a harvester for the sale of my timber? Or, are these the prices he can get from the mill, and our rates are negotiated downward? Thanks.

    1. Hey David,

      These are the rates landowners get from the timber buyer. They’re the stumpage prices that you would be paid as a landowner.

  2. These prices reflected here are the prices i have been offered on my tract. my offer seems to be at the low end of the price spectrum right now. Is it ok to negotiate before signing the contract?

    1. JP,

      There’s nothing wrong with negotiating.

      Just so you’re aware, we can connect landowners with timber buyers, so if you’d like a competitive bid, just let us know. Your timber only matures once, so it’s important to be sure you’re getting the most for it.

      It’s also important to note that your location can have a lot to do with pricing.

      Feel free to contact us with any more of your questions!

  3. Hello,
    I live in North Ga. I have about 2 acres of “pine logs” that a local company is interested in . He said he would give me about $150 per tractor trailer load for the logs and nothing for the pulpwood because prices are low.
    I am trying to figure out how to calculate an estimated value so I want get taken on the deal too bad. He said a truck load was around 17 logs.
    Does $150.00 per truck load of pine logs sound reasonable?
    How can I estimate the value of my timber?

    1. The problem with the value of your timber is the quantity of trees on your property. One load of logs should be a good 27 tons of sawtimber. 17 logs at 27 tons total should be logs of approximately 16″ to 18″ in diameter, which are high value trees. Even at $20 per ton (you did not mention what part of North Ga you are in, which makes a big difference for pricing), 27 tons would be worth $340 per load, about twice what you are getting.

      However, you are very fortunate you have a logger that is willing to pay you anything for just one load of logs. The price I mentioned is for a legitimate commercial logging operation, where they have at least 25 to 30 loads of wood to harvest. The logistics of moving to your property for this limited amount of wood is very costly. Most loggers would not even come cut that limited amount of volume.

      That being said, I would think you will not find anyone that will pay you more than what you are getting. Yes, it is not top value, but they are going to cut it and they are paying you for the wood, sounds like a win-win negotiation. Make sure they have insurance if the trees are near your home and could possibly fall on your house in the cutting process.

      1. Thanks for the information. The logger is already cutting on the property next to me, he wants to cut my trees before he leaves the area.It is about 100 logs that I have counted and the rest is pulpwood. He says the pulpwood is about
        $8.00 per ton. He stated that he wouldn’t be able to pay anything for that because he has to haul the pulpwood too far because the mills closer are not taking it right now.

  4. I have 11 Acres of planted pines in Charlton County Ga on Land I just purchased. I am wanting to cut most of the trees so I can convert the Land to Pasture. Trees range from 4-9″ in Dia and 20-25 tall I know they would only be good for pulp wood but there’s several plants near by including a chip plant down the road. Who do I need to contact about selling them, either way I am going to be cutting them down.

    1. Hey David, great question.

      We will have one of our foresters contact you shortly to further advise you.

  5. My sister lives on 50 acres in north west Georgia. A man, who is cutting timber up in the area, came by and gave her an offer and I would like to run this by you and get your thoughts. He is interested in White Oaks, popular and others. He said he would give her 50% on White Oaks and 40% on others and would pay by the week. We are assuming this is percentages on the tons. He said he would clean up after he gets finished. Being a widower, I would like your advise. Questions she should ask and any other information would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  6. I have 10 acres of planted pine in Wayne Co. I would like to have the trees thinned but don’t know if it is time to do so. The trees are 12 to 14 years old and vary in size from 5″ to 10″ and are about 30 to 35 ft. tall. There is a logging company in the area now and would like to have them cut while they’re here. Should I have them cut now and if so what could I expect to be paid? Thanks.

    1. Hey Rocky,

      I’m glad you’re considering responsible management of your timberland.

      Pine generally needs to be thinned around 12-15 years, so your trees are definitely in that range. Also, something to consider is the crown ratio of your trees. The University of Georgia has studies that show trees need thinning when the green tops of the pine reach 30-40% of the total tree height. If you’ve got 60%+ stem, it’s time to thin.

      You’re in luck that there’s a logging company nearby, because logging operations generally won’t make a special trip out to a property that has less than 30-40 acres of timber on it. It’s simply not cost effective. Without having a registered forester on the ground it’s impossible to say what your timber is really worth, but they should have a record of what they paid on the property near yours. However, landowners with less timber tend to get a lower price for their trees, because there’s less work to be done.

  7. Dear All,

    I represented my client who owes 50 acres on Ravenshoe Rd just west of Hwy 48
    We need to cut down the trees. Anyone could tell me how to go about it and do we get any value out of cutting the timber
    Peter Lau
    Trustwelll Realty

  8. I have 151+/- acres of planted LobLolly Pines in Bulloch County, GA. My siblings and I are looking to either have the entire lot clear cut or have it thinned every 5th row and wait another 5-10 years to clear cut the property. Can you please give me an overall estimate of what these types of trees are going for per ton and also what the pulpwood is going for per ton in this area? We are set to discuss the plan this weekend, I would like to have an overall idea of what questions I should ask and what I should expect going in to all of this. The property has been managed and maintained and is sitting at about 20-24 years of maturity, but has never been thinned. Any help would be greatly appreicated.

  9. I live in Charlton county ga., and I own a tree service. I have a lot of pine saw logs that range from 9-24″ and any length needed and as many trees as I want to handle. I have been carrying them to a mulch plant in Callahan,fl. but it cost me more to haul them than they pay. who would I contact in ga. to sell them? sawmills maybe? names would be nice, thanks _Jake, also all of my saw logs are straight as an arrow.

  10. I own 12 acres but i have around 4 acres of land with all kinds of trees needing cleaned out plus a few around the house.wanting to sell all the standing timber please contact me asap or at your earliest convience located in Chatsworth Ga thanks

  11. I am a senior at ABAC in Tifton, GA. The property is just outside of Moultrie, GA. I have cruised the timber and there is just short of 300 acres of mixed pines, Longleaf, Slash, and Loblolly, and I need the current prices that surrounding Timber Companies can give for them. Any help?

  12. I have a 30 acre lot and a 20 acre lot separated by about 2.5 miles not far from Waycross. One of them is next to a lot where a forester is going to start cutting tomorrow. He contacted me a couple weeks ago and I asked him to walk the properties. He took several days to get back to me, has offered $13 a ton and estimated that he’d get enough to net me $3500. That sounds OK until I consider that what he’ll be cutting is only the most mature trees of the original planting and are the only ones left after what I think he called a “residential cut”. Shortly before I bought it, it was thinned to the point that it’s more like a home site. Is the price reasonable or should I get another estimate? I think most of what he’ll get is saw timber or at least chip and saw. If that’s the case, shouldn’t he be offering closer to $25 a ton? I understand the low volume makes it economical to do it now while he’s in the area but I feel like he’s using that as a bit of a scare tactic. We talked about a plan to replant and agree that it’s too late in the season and should treat closer to September for a winter plant. Also, is $210 an acre a fair price to replant and what density should I expect at that price or is plant density even a factor in the cost? Lastly, are there funding sources for planting costs? Sorry for the novel.

  13. I have a 15 acre parcel with very mature 50/50 mix of pine and oak 2 feet and more in width,, some poplar and minimal pulpwood. Land is level and easily accessible off paved road.
    The location is Ellijay, Gilmer County. Don’t know if a small or large operation is required. Need advice on pricing and consultation. Intend to cut all but two shade trees near potential home site. Any suggestions?

  14. I am in the process of purchasing 60+ acres of timberland in eastern Columbia County (near Augusta). The majority of the acreage (75%) has mature pine (around 2/3) and pulp (the remainder) so I want to understand what sort of price I can get for that amount of acreage. Most of the pines are approximately 18″ in diameter. Thanks for your help!

  15. looking for someone to timber my back and side yards including cleanup, buying the timber, we are about a mile from the Paulding County Lumber Yard, just off of highway 92. Looking for pricing info/ cleanup info as this is our home and I don’t want it to look like a war zone. Thanks in advance for any/all help.

  16. I have 50 acres in Wilkinson County, Ga and I want to clear cut the back 10 acres and thin the rest. Any advice on finding a timber company?

  17. I have around 10 acres of mostly pine that I need clear cut and made ready to plant for pasture or hay. Could you tell me who I could contact? Most are around 30 to 50 feet tall and one close to the house is about 36 inches in diameter and about 20 foot ou to the first fork.

  18. My Family and I are in need of timber buyers who harvest in the district of Bulloch County, GA.
    Your response will be greatly appreciated:
    Thank you,
    TC Williams

  19. I need to cut down 5 ACS. Don’t want any money for timber in Ball Ground Ga It Is For More land for Animal Rescue Can anyone help? Please advise asap thank you Ellen

  20. have 60 plus acres of 14 yr.old pine.have been offered 18 a ton but was told trees were worth about 22 or better.can you have someone contact me?they can text me at ***-***-****.thanks.would like it asap.

  21. We are looking for mature pine logs to purchase so we can build our own GA pine log home on our own property. We are willing to pay above the going rate to be able to purchase the pines we require. Thank you!

  22. Hello, My husband and I have about 15 acres of land that we would like to clear. We are looking for someone to buy the pine trees. We are located in Dublin ga. Can you recommend someone. The trees have been growing for about 13 years.

  23. Hi,

    I am interested in purchasing several hundred acres and would love advice on how to maximize the value of the timber on the property. Could someone help me?

  24. I owned 11+ acres and was interested in selling my trees with the exception of a few that I would like to keep not many very few. I have from pine trees to oak trees that are from 30+ 200 years old that would like to sell. I also interested in selling some of my black walnut trees. My property is in Grantville GA. If interested contact me at my e-mail address posted. Thanks

  25. I have 26 acres in Winston, Douglas County, GA that I would like to have cut. Mixture of pineand hardwood. Can someone contact me please? Thanks.

  26. Would like to sell 25 to 30 mature and tall pine trees, and several hardwoods. Easy access to the trees, all on 4 acres, in Calhoun, GA. We are clearing the land. If interested, please give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

  27. Hi Property a few miles over the GA line in ALABAMA
    My property is located approximately 5 miles from Columbia, AL and about 8 miles from Georgia Pacific Papermill.
    I am anxious to sell all the trees on my property except PECAN and LIVE OAK.
    Property easy to reach just OFF highway 52 EAST between Webb AL and Columbia AL…
    I want to clear out the trees except for trees mentioned above.
    I want to be able to work all over my property at ease. Selling trees will allow me to do this… I need to money to further fence the property. I believe property should be fenced and gated for protection of that property and the owners rights…
    Please send me email; hopefully, with a time to look at the property.
    OH… Trees cover approximately eleven acres.
    I already have put in place a burn pile and had most of the bushes, crushed and area open for cutting of the trees that I want to sell.

    HELP HELP I would like to get this done SOON. If the person can bring a chart or give me some type of paper after looking at me trees as to the price that the trees might generate…
    If someone calls me on my cell… please leave a GREAT message so that I will know to return the call xxx xxx xxxx

  28. I have about fourty mature (25 years+)pine trees on my one acre residential lot. I would just like to get rid of them. What is the best way to do this. Should I contact a pulp wood buyer, a tree cutting company or what.If I can get paid in the process that would be a plus. I want to do it legally and safely.

    1. Hey Ernest, thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately, the companies in our network are only capable of handling 20+ acre tracts of timber. There is generally a 50 load quota associated with these tracts, which is 50 log trucks full of wood. A 1-5 acre tract might produce as little as 2 loads. I would suggest searching for a one-man-show who cuts timber in your area.

  29. I live in unincorporated Dekalb County in Georgia. I have 14 acres with pines, sweetgum, oak hickory, etc. Most of these trees are 60-90 feet tall. Very old trees and thickly grown. I’ve lived here 23 years and need to sell some of this timber. Can you help me the names of harvesters who can contact me and give me an estimate.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hey Arthur, thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately, the companies in our network are only capable of handling 20+ acre tracts of timber. There is generally a 50 load quota associated with these tracts, which is 50 log trucks full of wood. A 1-5 acre tract might produce as little as 2 loads. I would suggest searching for a one-man-show who cuts timber in your area.

      Also, depending on the county, it can be difficult to get permits and rights to cut timber. More urban counties like Dekalb pose a lot of problems for most timber companies in getting permission to access the timber.

    1. Hey Amanda, thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately, the companies in our network are only capable of handling 20+ acre tracts of timber. There is generally a 50 load quota associated with these tracts, which is 50 log trucks full of wood. A 1-5 acre tract might produce as little as 2 loads. I would suggest searching for a one-man-show who cuts timber in your area.

  30. I have pine trees trees in the 17-18 year old range and they have been thinned twice. We are now waiting for them to grow into chip n saw or bigger for the final cut before replanting again. I have two questions. 1. Should I be considering a prescribed burn and how much should I budget for this activity? The undergrowth is under control right now, except for some spots covered with privet and we have a pretty good firebreak around the property. 2. Is there any concern with grazing cattle in the trees at this age?

  31. Hi, I just received a call from a timber company wanting to log my 40 acres in Walker County. I’ve considered this before but was afraid it would make the property an eyesore. He said he’s interested in hardwoods. This property was cleared post Civil War, but no clearing since about 1900 (been in my family a long time). If I agree to this, Would it be better to sell all the timber or leave some? He mentioned one method where trees are only cut every few feet. Is that less harmful to the land and wildlife? Do I need to get a lawyer to help with contract? What tax impact does the sale have? Thank you!

  32. I’ve got a very small lot (2 acres) and have 25-35 hardwood trees (pine + oak) that I’d like removed. Where can I find a company that may be willing to trade tree removal service for the timber? How much should I throw on top in order to make the deal reasonable? I would imagine the trees have been up for quite some time. They are all enormous.

    1. Hey Norman,

      It sounds like you’ve got a couple of loads worth of timber on your tract, which is much smaller than our normal 50 load jobs. Most timber companies have a 50 load minimum to make a job commercially viable and to meet their weekly quotas with the mill. I would suggest reaching out to a local logging company or small operation.

      Since we don’t generally deal in this kind of operation, I’m not really sure how much it would require on your end. We provide an on-site consultation for $500, but I’m not sure it would reveal much more than you already know.

  33. A tornado blew down a couple of hundred trees on my father in laws land 5 months ago. A logger agreed to come in and get the mess cleaned up and is doing a good job. Now my father in law is upset stating that he is losing thousands of dollars by not selling this lumber. The logger is not paying us but also not charging us for clean up which is basically what he is doing. Is my father in law really losing money on trees that have been laying for 6 months?

  34. I have the Atlanta Gas and Light company coming through my easement and wanting to cut down more trees to add to the area. I have a mix of hardwoods and a few pines. I am wanting to make sure that the trees are not just chipped. Could I get a person to come out and let me know if they are interested in purchasing the trees that would be taken down instead of just wasting the resource?

  35. Hello I have 13 acres in The Rock GA in which I have already cut 95 percent of the pines and got very little for them oh well water under the bridge now I have a lot sweet gums popular and oaks most are very tall I need to know if they are a market for them need to clear to build a farm Thanks

  36. I have 20 +/- acres of virgin hardwoods in Van Buren county Arkansas…I am considering selling some of the timber and was wondering how much it would be valued at and how to go about harvesting and selling