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Timber Update responds to the growing trend of unsatisfied landowners throughout the Southeast.

“For decades, the timber industry has existed on handshakes and word-of-mouth, allowing for little accountability or standard expectations from landowners,” says Taylor Griffith, director of landowner services at Timber Update. “The lack of education concerning effective timber management practices creates many challenges for today’s landowner.”

Timber Update overcomes these challenges by providing free educational services and connecting landowners with the most reputable timber companies the industry has to offer.

“Many landowners mistakenly assume that managing timber through harvesting trees harms the environment,” explains Jim Griffith, registered forester. “Timber Update has created a network of environmentally minded professionals whose timber services help ensure a sustainable future.”

The Georgia Forestry Commission studies show that there are currently more trees in Georgia than there were 100 years ago. IBISWorld reports Georgia as one of the most established timber states in America — recognizing a positive relationship between timber management and forest growth. Experts within the Timber Update network have helped develop timber’s best management practices (BMPs), which ensure the sustainability of timber resources, improve the environment and increase land and timber values.

Using connections within the timber industry, Timber Update helps landowners increase asset value while protecting against unnecessary losses. Timber Updates also creates competition by providing landowners with multiple bids from timber companies, ensuring that each landowner receives the best price for their timber.

“By ensuring that education, accountability and premiere services are this network’s foundation, Timber Update is raising the bar for timber professionals all over the Southeast,” says Taylor Griffith.

Timber Update provides educational blogs, videos and additional resources to landowners from its website, http://timberupdate.com.

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