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Florida Timber Prices

Florida Landowners, Did You Know?

The timber industry in Florida:

  • Generates $16.1 billion in economic impact
  • Consists of 15.4 million acres of working forests
  • Provides more than 77,000 jobs
  • Has 78 primary wood-using mills

Get The Best Possible Offer

If you want to maximize your timber investment, protect your interests, and get the best possible offer for your timber, consider contacting me. Value is always determined by a combination of each tract of timber and the current timber market, but every landowner who contacts me can expect:

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We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and will analyze mapping data to determine a general value proposition for your timber.

An on site visit from a forester

Then we’ll schedule a time for a forestry professional to personally visit your property. They’ll evaluate the timber value and come up with a bid.

The best possible offer

Finally, we’ll get all the paperwork together, establish a contract, and make sure that you’re getting the best possible offer in the current timber market.